Family History



Old Village in China

   According to the old family book, our ancestors settled in GuangDong Province(廣東省), County of ShunDe(順德縣), Town of GuiZhou(桂州) some twenty generations ago. I estimated it would be in the 16th century A.D. Although not confirmed but I believe some of our ancestors' properties might still be around.


Old Family House in GuangZhou

   At the turn of the twentieth century, GuangDong, as well as many parts of China was in a chaotic state. To avoid threats from bandits which roamed the countryside, my grandfather moved his immediate family to GuangZhou(廣州) where he acquired a house located in the western part(西關) of town. There, my father and many of his siblings were born.


Hong Kong Establishment

   My grandfather 李夀熾 came to Hong Kong in the late 1800's when he was 17 years old.  He started out working at the pier and by the time he was in the 40's he had accumulated a fair amount of wealth and settled on the west side(西環) of the island permanently. Picture is a building outline drawing of the family house on 西環 第三街 232號 (drawing was re-created by my cousin Ping-Kwok from his memory). This was the house where my grand father spent the most part of his life. My dad's generation and my generation had lived, played or gethered. The family lived on all 3 stories plus a basement. Many of the family pictures are also taken in this house.


New Generations

   The concern for the political future of Hong Kong throughout the 1970's and 1980's led to many of the new generations such as my father's and mine to migrate overseas.  One of the more predominate destinations is Toronto, Canada.  Others spread out around the United States, and Australia.


Grand Father's Autobiography

   My grand father described his life from before he was born to his 70's in this hand written in traditional Chinese character autobiography. In it, he expressed his hardship and joy, and what he had wished for his off-springs.

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Aunt #6's Autobiography

   My Aunt #6 passed aways in 2015. She was the eldest daught-in-law(大媳婦)of my grand father and she mentioned a lot of our family's history and affirs in her autobiography. My aunt wrote her own autobiography and cousine Ping-Kwok put the final touch to this edition.

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What is a “堂” ?

   The “堂” (pronounce tang) as in 李福蔭堂 is like a trust. When a male becomes prominent or successful, he may start a new 堂 of his own. The intent is to put wealth into the 堂 and have it perpetually benefiting his descendents and sometimes extends to distance relatives as well. 李福蔭堂 was created by my grandfather and although it no longer exist material wise, I decided to create this website under the name in his memory.

last update: 05/25/2016