Family Pictures

Family Gethering

   This picture was probably taken in the 1950's at a family gethering.

Ancestry Portraits

   This collage of portaits of my grandfather's extented family. Starting from top, my great grand mother, my 2nd great uncle and his spouse, my 4th great uncle and his spouses, and my grand father and my four grandmothers.

Family Portrait

   This picture of my grandfather (left), his 2nd brother (middle) and his 4th brother (right) in their youth circa late 1800's.

Self Portrait

   This picture of my grandfather (left) in his 40's or 50's.

Family Portrait

   This is the only picture of me and my grandfather. Taken in spring of 1977 on the rooftop of the house on Third Street. He was 98.

Family Gathering

   All brothers of my dad (#9, gen 21) at my grandfather's 90th birthday in the 1970's. A staff at the restaurant wrote him the following poem which use my gradfather's name as theme:

   瑤池王母蟠桃宴 (*池-熾同音)

Family Gethering

   My Dad(#9)'s 90th birthday in June 2014 with most of his siblings.


   Image of Uncle#16's wedding banquet menu. He duplicated the same menu on his 50th(Gold) anniverarry celebration.

Family Gethering

   Luk Kwok Hotel(六國飯店) in Wan Chai was a popular choice for large family events such as grand father's birthday, wedding banquets etc. It has since been rebulit. There is a stone plaque in the Hotel Lobby which lists all the founding members of the LHT Group, which owns the Luk Kwok Hotel, my grand father's name is on it.

Family Gethering

   The Dragon Inn Resort(容龍別墅) located in Coffee Bay (now Gold Coast) of the New Territories, was a popular summer escape in the 60's with fresh water pool, air conditioned rooms, outdoor mahjong games. Although we didn't go there often, I remembered of a few occasions where our family held gatherings there.