Family Heirlooms

Fan with Calligraphy

   This fan is a gift to my grandfather's from one of his staff whom wrote some nice calligraphy.

Opium Tobacco Pipe #1/ Pillow Set

   Opium smoking was once a popular pass time in China.

Opium Tobacco Pipe #2

   This is a more sophisticated version of opium/tobacco pipe complete with tobacco cabin, and water filter. Some of my cousines had picked up the pipe and attempted to look into it just to get a faceful of tobacco stenched water in their face.

19th Century Iron

   This primitive iron was used by my great grandmother.

Woman Make-up Chest

   This intricate wooden chest belongs to my grandmother for storing make-ups, jewelries etc.

Chinese Painting

   This Chinese painting was a gift to my grandfather from the father of a famus Chinese opera star.

last update: 12/08/2008